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Fix Your Manhattan Sidewalk with Sidewalk Repair NYC

Received a DOT violation notice because of damaged sidewalks adjacent to your Manhattan property? Looking for professional services to remove the violations and enhance the functionality of the sidewalks? Hire Sidewalk Repair NYC as your local experts for remarkable sidewalk violation removal services. With us by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sidewalks are in professional hands. With our services, we not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also increase the functionality of the sidewalks. Our years of expertise and knowledge of the local sidewalks allow us to provide services that abide by city regulations.

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Reasons for Sidewalk Damages

There are numerous reasons why sidewalks can get damaged and lead to DOT violations. Let us have a look at a few of them one by one.

  • Concrete Damages Due to Tree Root Growth
  • Uneven Sidewalk due to Freeze-Thaw Cycle
  • Missing Sidewalk Curbs
  • Non-ADA-compliant Commercial Sidewalks
  • Large Potholes or Cracks in the Concrete Slabs

What Do You Need? Repair Vs. Replacement!

DOT violations can be major or minor and depending on the condition of your Manhattan sidewalks, you might need different services. Let us tell you what you need from us.

Repair services

Even minor issues with your sidewalks can become major with time and can lead to DOT sidewalk violations. You need our repair services when your sidewalks are experiencing the following issues:

Damaged Edges: Broken and missing curbs and damaged concrete edges can lead to trip-and-fall issues among pedestrians and must be addressed quickly.
Chips in Concrete: Chips in the concrete show that the concrete structure is old and deteriorating. Resurfacing the concrete can fix this problem.
Minor Cracks and Fractures: Minor cracks and fractures in the concrete can become a cause of water pooling and must be repaired by filling in the gaps.

Sidewalk Repair NYC delivers excellence, enhancing Manhattan sidewalks for safety and durability

Replacement Services

When the damages are extensive, we provide sidewalk replacement services to remove all DOT violations.

Potholes: Potholes in the concrete can lead to water pooling beneath the concrete slabs. Repairing big potholes is never an issue and replacing the whole concrete slab is the most efficient choice.
Deep Cracks: Minor cracks, when ignored, become major and can lead to extensive issues. To remove deep cracks, we provide complete sidewalk replacement services.

Uneven Concrete Slabs: Concrete slabs become uneven because of the damaged soil beneath them. For such sidewalks, we remove the concrete, fix the soil, and pour in new concrete.
Water Pooling: Damaged concrete and a poor drainage system can lead to water pooling in the concrete. To avoid free-thaw issues, we fix the damages by completely replacing them.

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