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About Us

At Sidewalk Repair NYC, we are your reliable choice for all your sidewalk repair needs in New York City. With an impressive 30+ years of experience, we have enhanced our skills and expertise to become a leading company. What sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction and the safety of pedestrians. We hold certifications from several reputable organizations, including NYC DOT, NYC DOB, NYC Consumer and Worker Protection, NYC Parks, and OSHA. These certifications reflect our dedication to adhering to city regulations, ensuring ethical business practices, and maintaining the highest safety standards.

Our mission is simple yet profound, as we aim to enhance the safety and aesthetics of NYC sidewalks. Whether it's sidewalk repairs, installations, restorations, ADA compliance, or violation removal, we bring our wealth of experience and certifications to every project.

Choose Sidewalk Repair NYC, your trusted partner for impeccable sidewalk solutions in the city we call home.

How it Works?

Just Three Simple Steps of Hiring Us


Call, email, or use our website's contact form to contact us with project details and schedule a consultation.


After evaluating your needs, we will submit a detailed proposal and, if approved, a contract with project details, terms, and timelines.


Upon contract signing, we begin work as scheduled while maintaining open communication, quality results, and customer satisfaction.

30+ Years of Happy Customers

1000+ Sidewalk Repair Jobs

Our Services

Our experts provide a wide range of sidewalk repairs in NYC to cater to all your concrete-related needs. Our few, among many essential concrete repair services, include:

Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance:

Our professionals are well-versed in fixing sidewalk cracks, crumbling edges, and uneven surfaces, ensuring that your sidewalks are not only visually pleasing but are also safe for pedestrians to use.

Full Sidewalk Replacement:

When a sidewalk is extensively damaged or deteriorated beyond repair, our team undertakes the complete replacement process. This involves the removal of the old sidewalk and the pouring of fresh concrete to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting new surface.

DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal:

Our DOT sidewalk violation removal services are swift and efficient. We specialize in resolving NYC DOT violations promptly, ensuring your sidewalks meet regulations for a safer, compliant environment.

ADA Compliance Upgrades:

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), our experts make necessary modifications to sidewalks. This includes installing curb ramps and tactile warning strips to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities.


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Our Satisfied Customers

Sarah Mitchell

Kudos to Sidewalk Repair NYC! They beautifully transformed my sidewalks. Their skills, attention to detail, and professionalism are all on display in their work. Highly recommended.

David Robinson

Sidewalk Repair NYC is a lifesaver! They were able to easily take care of my sidewalk violations, acquire the necessary permits, and enhance the appearance of my property.

Jennifer Parker

Sidewalk Repair NYC fulfilled their commitment by providing excellent services. With their efficient work, they have provided impeccable results and enhanced curb appeal. I highly endorse their services.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Sidewalk Repair NYC means choosing professionalism, commitment to excellence, and expertise.


Our experienced team ensures seamless services from start to finish, with clear communication and expert craftsmanship.


We believe in transparent, upfront pricing and clear contracts, eliminating surprises and building trust.


We are dedicated to excellence in every aspect, guaranteeing safe, aesthetically pleasing sidewalks that exceed your expectations.

Recent Projects

Our Wide Range of Concrete Services

Other than concrete sidewalk repair services, Sidewalk Repair NYC has been providing remarkable concrete repair and replacement services. Our top services include:

Concrete Driveways

Damaged driveways with cracks and potholes are not only an eye-sore but they also pose safety hazards for pedestrians. Moreover, potholes also damage the tires of your vehicle. So instead of ignoring these driveway damages, hire us for driveway repair and replacement services. With our versatile repairs, use of high-quality material, and priority to your preferences, you will get the driveways of your choice.

Brick and Stone Steps

Steps are the first thing that visitors see on your property but these steps must not only be in perfect condition for aesthetic appeal. People, especially children and the elderly, can trip on the damaged sidewalks and get seriously injured. You can hire our services for professional brick repairs of your choice. We specialize in providing repairs and replacements for brick steps, limestone steps, and granite steps.

Concrete Patios

Patios are a comfortable space for you, your family, and friends to sit, relax, and enjoy during leisure times. These patios, when beautifully constructed, look not only aesthetically pleasing but also increase the value of your property. If you need patio construction, repairs, or maintenance services, trust our experts.

Brick pointing and Masonry

Bricks are the most important part of your concrete structure and when they are damaged, it can lead to severe structural damage. With our brick-pointing and masonry services, you can get brick repair and replacement services. Moreover, we also provide mortar joint services after matching the color of the mortar.

Reach Out to Us Today

You can reach out to us today and hire our remarkable sidewalks and other concrete related services. We are only one call away.


How do I know if my sidewalk needs repair?

Keep an eye out for visible signs of deterioration, such as cracks that may range from small hairline fractures to larger gaps. Check for uneven surfaces where sections of the sidewalk may have sunken or risen, creating potential tripping hazards. Inspect the edges of the sidewalk for any crumbling or disintegration, as this can indicate structural issues.

How long does your sidewalk repair or installation take?

The timeline for a sidewalk repair or installation done by our professionals can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the project, the extent of the damage, and weather conditions. During our initial consultation, we will provide you with a more accurate estimate based on your specific project.

Do you provide a free estimation service?

Yes, we provide free estimates to all our clients and offer affordable and competitive pricing. We work closely to identify the needs of our clients to ensure they receive excellent value for their investment.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your work?

We stand by the quality and durability of our work. We offer warranties and guarantees on our services to provide our clients with peace of mind. These warranties typically cover workmanship and the longevity of the materials used, ensuring your satisfaction and protection.

Is your team licensed and insured?

Yes, our team is fully licensed and insured. Our licensing ensures that we meet industry standards and regulations, and our insurance provides an extra layer of protection for both our clients and our team members. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and our credentials reflect that commitment.

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