Revamp Your Bronx Property with Sidewalk Repair NYC

Want to increase the value of your Bronx property by fixing damaged sidewalks? Looking for ways to increase the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of your sidewalks? Trust your local experts.
We are Sidewalk Repair NYC, your trusted partners for all sidewalk services in the Bronx. Whether you need sidewalk repairs for old sidewalks or the installation of new ones for your new property, we are here to help you. Our certification from OSHA and licensing from NYC DOT show that we are well-versed in city rules and regulations. You can get your DOT- and ADA-compliant sidewalk repairs in the Bronx from us today.

Sidewalk Repair NYC completes a transformative sidewalk repair project for safer and more appealing walkways in the Bronx

Our Licensing

We are licensed by the following organizations in NYC:

✓ NYC Buildings
✓ NYC Parks
✓ NYC Consumer Affairs
Our team of sidewalk repair and replacement experts is also certified with OSHA and ensures workplace safety in an efficient way.

What to Expect From Us?

While reaching out to us, expect to hear things from our team of experts.

Minimum Disturbance: While providing our sidewalk services, we ensure to create a minimum disturbance for pedestrians and property owners.
Quick Repairs: For each project, we assess the duration of the repair or replacement project and provide services according to the scheduled time.
Acquiring Permits: For each project, we get a sidewalk opening permit and other construction permits if required.

Warranty and Guarantee: As we use only good-quality material and unique repair techniques, we stand by our repairs.
Transparent Communication: We believe in transparent communication and have no hidden charges for our projects.
FREE Quotation: We provide FREE quotations for all of our services, so you can get services while staying within your budget.

We are One Call Away

Whether you need sidewalk repairs, replacement, or the installation of new sidewalks, hire our services today. We will first assess your sidewalk and provide you with a FREE quote.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out today!