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5 Signs You Need a Sidewalk Repair Contractor in NYC

Homeowners always take good care of their property and ensure that the space in which they live is comfortable, cozy, and in the best condition. However, one thing owners must understand is that giving importance to the exterior structures of the property is as important as to the interior.

Exterior structures, especially the sidewalks adjacent to your property, might need routine inspection and regular maintenance. People use the sidewalks daily but rarely notice the damage to them until someone trips and falls on them or DOT notices the damages and sends a violation notice.

We recommend you not wait for the sidewalk damages to escalate and become an issue. You can either detect the issues yourself or hire sidewalk contractors like Sidewalk Repair NYC.

Professional experts have years of knowledge, experience, and expertise in fixing your sidewalks. You can check out the sidewalk permit guide by professional sidewalk repair contractors. Here are some signs when you should call a professional sidewalk repair contractor in NYC.

Extensive and Deep Cracks

Cracks, whether they are minor or major, must be repaired immediately. Usually, cracks in the concrete structure appear when the concrete doesn’t have enough space to expand during the summer season.

These cracks can cause rainwater to seep beneath the soil and cause the soil to saturate. Saturated soil can erode and might lead to the sinking of concrete slabs. Detecting sidewalk cracks is easy, as the cracks can be hairline, or deep, like spider webs, or alligator skin.

To fix these cracked sidewalks, you can hire the services of professional experts. Depending on the condition of the sidewalks, contractors might repair or replace the concrete slabs.

Unevenness of Sidewalk Slabs

Uneven sidewalks can cause people to trip and fall. Unevenness in the concrete slabs might occur for many reasons. Sometimes, the tree roots adjacent to the sidewalks might uplift the concrete structure and make the slabs uneven. 

Other than that, eroded soil can cause the concrete slab to sink and make the surface uneven. For uneven sidewalks, you can hire professional contractors. Experts for sidewalk repairs usually grind the uneven sidewalk slabs with differences less than ¼ inches.

However, unevenness between two slabs greater than ¼ inch requires removing the existing slabs, compacting the soil, and installing new slabs.

Multiple Potholes

Multiple potholes and depressions in your concrete sidewalk slabs show extensive damage to the concrete surface and the soil that must not be ignored. Potholes can occur over time due to numerous reasons, including soil erosion, poor compaction of soil, use of low-quality material while installing the sidewalks, etc.

Ignoring potholes on your sidewalks might result in further damage, making your sidewalks dangerous for pedestrians to use. If you notice potholes in the concrete slabs, you must contact professional sidewalk experts like Sidewalk Repair NYC. 

Experts have the experience and knowledge to assess the extent of the damage and provide cost-effective repair or replacement solutions.

Drainage Issues

Another big issue that can cause the sidewalks to get damaged is water ponding due to poor drainage or a sloping surface. Drainage issues might seem harmless but standing water can lead to various issues. 

During the winter, water accumulated in the soil due to poor drainage issues can cause a freeze-thaw cycle and lead to soil erosion. Similarly, during the rainy season, excessive rainwater in the soil can lead to soil erosion.

To address this issue, you must consult sidewalk contractors to identify the underlying causes of the pending water issue and get the drainage issue resolved. Timely prevention of extensive water issues can reduce damage to sidewalks and avoid costly future repairs.

Damages Due to Tree Roots

Tree roots and weed growth in the sidewalks can damage the sidewalk structure over time, Tree roots, in particular, can exert extreme upward pressure on the sidewalks and lead to cracks, upheaval, and other destruction of the sidewalks. 

To prevent these damages and address the issue of tree root growth, hiring professional sidewalk contractors in NYC is an efficient choice. Professional experts usually hire tree doctors to address the issue of tree root growth. Moreover, they fix the damaged sidewalks and ensure the sidewalks are in good condition at all times.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Contractors for Sidewalk Repairs

By hiring the expertise of professional experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that professionals are taking care of your sidewalks. There are numerous other reasons why you must trust professional experts for your sidewalks.

  • Qualified contractors possess years of expertise and experience and have essential tools to make efficient repairs. 
  • Professional sidewalk experts are licensed and can get permits from NYC DOT for city-compliant sidewalks.
  • Experts are confident about the services they provide and offer warranty and guarantee for the repairs.

Hire Professional Contractors Today

Addressing sidewalk issues is essential to ensuring public safety and complying with city regulations. If you notice damage to your sidewalks, trust Sidewalk Repair NYC for affordable and durable repairs. 

Trusting professional experts for your sidewalks is the best decision you can make. So, what are you waiting for? Fix your sidewalks with experts in NYC today.