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Sidewalk Repair NYC's skilled team finishes a transformative sidewalk repair project

We are Your Local Sidewalk Repair Experts in NYC

Looking for local sidewalk repair and replacement experts in NYC? Finding the best solutions for damaged and deteriorating sidewalks? Sidewalk Repair NYC is your optimal solution. We have been your reliable partners in NYC for over 30 years. With years of experience working in the city of New York, we are well-versed in the local area codes. Moreover, we better understand the infrastructure of the city. By hiring us, you can get a wide range of services, whether they are repairs, replacements, or installations. We also provide DOT sidewalk violation removal services and install ADA-compliant sidewalks in NYC.

Services We Provide in NYC

  • Residential and Commercial Sidewalk Restoration
  • Local Sidewalk Repair in NYC
  • Complete Sidewalk Replacement
  • New Sidewalk Installation
  • DOT Violation Removal
Final Inspection: After completing the repair process, we inspect the sidewalk one last time and assess the repairs made by our team.

Skilled professionals from Sidewalk Repair NYC successfully complete a transformative sidewalk project, ensuring safety and durability

Our Repair Process

Our repair process is quick, easy, and efficient. Let us tell you how we repair your sidewalks and make them DOT-compliant.

Inspection of Damaged Sidewalks: The first step in our efficient repair process is inspecting the damaged sidewalks.
Identify the Potential Issues: After inspection, we make a list of potential damages to your sidewalks that need assistance.
Estimate of the Repairs: Assessing the issues allows us to give you a FREE estimate of our repair service.
Planning the Process: Depending on the damage to the sidewalks, we plan the repair or replacement process and provide you with a timeline.
Getting Permit: Before starting our work on your sidewalks, we get the sidewalk opening permit from NYC DOT so the changes we make abide by city rules.
Repair or Replacement: Getting the permit is our sign to start the sidewalk process and provide services as per the scheduled timeline.

Why Trust Our Experts?

Let us tell you what makes us distinguished from the crowd and why you should hire our services.

✓ 30+ Years of Expertise
✓ Use of High-quality Material
✓ Local Knowledge
✓ Investment in Cutting-Edge Technology

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